Why sell with us?


Each year, we sell hundreds of properties DISCREETLY, without ugly For Sale signs, Open Homes nor Auctions.

And we achieve record sales prices

We don’t bother to appear on billboards, bus seats, news papers, flyers, nor any website. It’s all smoke and mirrors rubbish designed to promote agents plain and simple.

checkbullet We find matching buyers to your property – at no cost to you,
checkbullet We don’t lock you into any 90 day agency agreement,
checkbullet We achieve the highest sales prices,
checkbullet We achieve this without the use For Sale signs, Open Home or Auctions,
checkbullet We don’t charge one cent until we sell, and
checkbullet All our property is sold at top prices without mainstream advertising.

Your property is a serious asset. Don’t choose a typical inane real estate agent focussed more on their image rather than your property. We are professionals and we take this job very seriously.

Our process is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1 – First you would need to complete the below form.
Step 2 – We would contact you to discuss the sale of your property in further detail.
Step 3 – And lastly, we would get to work to find buyers for your property.

From this point onwards things move very quickly and we will generally have you signing a contract for sale within 3-weeks. That’s right, that quick.

In fact, if we can’t find you a buyer for a top price after 3 weeks – we will end our services. And you won’t have spent one cent. Yep, we put all that in writing.


checkbullet We don’t use ghastly For Sale signs, Open Homes nor Auctions, AND
checkbullet If we don’t get a top price, there are No fees to pay at all!