Thinking of Selling?


What should you expect when selling your home?

We have all heard that selling your home can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. It requires a lot of preparation and thought. And we all want the best price, in the quickest time frame for the least amount of effort. That’s simply human nature. But considering this is generally the biggest asset purchase most people make in their life, maybe a little homework is in order so we suggest considering the following questions.

Why you are selling?

Often your motivation will determine what strategy to adopt when selling.

When you plan to sell?

Timing is crucial to understand. A well planned campaign means a smoother and less stressful sales process.

What Method of selling?

There are numerous methods of sale. The most popular are either Private sale or Auction. Both options will sell a property with a Private sale being less stressful as you are more in control and don’t have the pressure of a final sale date. However auctions are generally best used to achieve a quicker sale. They are also best when it is a sellers market.

What mediums to use to sell your property?

Generally recommend 3 main areas of marketing as essential.

  1. Email marketing to our buyers database which include local, interstate past and present buyers.
  2. A For Sale sign, and
  3. Internet advertising.

If you wish we can advertise on local and national newspapers and smaller magazines, however we do not want you spending your money unnecessarily on building our agency’s or the agent’s profile.

What price to sell and what impact this will have?

Generally the rule of thumb is; a higher than realistic price, the longer the time to sell. And the reverse of course applies; the lower than realistic price the quicker it will sell. The extra premium a seller wants or expects for their property simply determines how long it will take to sell. It’s that simple. So if you are not in a hurry then you can wait till the market reaches your expectations, or you can sell to meet the current market.