• What about Pre-sale Building & Pest inspection reports?

    We believe yes you should organise them. It will alleviate any underlying concerns you may have and ensure a smoother sales process.

    A buyer still may want to do their own Building & Pest inspections as well and that is fine as that is at their own cost anyway.

  • Do I need staging?

    It depends. A good agent can easily paint a picture to a buyer and sell the potential to a buyer.

    However if the property is in excellent condition, then staging will enhance the impact and results.

    There are main area that all home owners should focus on before even considering placing a property on the market for sale otherwise you it will hamper the time and price of the sale.

    These are the 6 main areas;

    1. De-cluttering
    2. Freshly paint rooms
    3. Professionally clean carpets and/or floors
    4. Complete any neglected repairs
    5. Replace outdated light fixtures
    6. Make sure your home has good curb appeal


    If you would an expert perspective, contact us to arrange an inspection.

  • How long have we been around?

    First established in 1964 by Thomas. E. Mcbeath.

  • I can’t find anything about our staff

    In an age of self obsession and “selfies” we deliberately try not to make the sales process about us or any of our staff. It should just be about you and your property being sold for the best price.

    Having our photos plastered everywhere is not going to sell your property. In addition; we sell most properties privately, with no for sale signs or internet ads.

    We won’t appear on any website like realestate.com.au or even those “rating” websites. Only agencies that don’t have a good enough database of buyers appear on the likes of realestate.com.au and “rating” websites as any sale made privately does not register on these websites.

  • 4 reasons to choose McBeath

    Reason 1
    McBeath Real Estate pride ourselves on our ethics and integrity.

    Reason 2
    We sell hundred’s of properties every year. Most are sold off market and often well above current market values.

    Reason 3
    We use the exact same Marketing strategies used by major agencies.

    Reason 4
    We deliberately try not to make the sales process about us or any of our staff. It should just be about you and your property being sold for the best price.

  • Where are we located?

    We sell Brisbane wide

  • How to get started?

    Simple, contact us and we can discuss our process.

  • What services do we provide?

    Our specialisation is just Property Sales.

    We do not fragment our time and skills with a range of add-on services. Our time and energy is purely spent on providing the best real estate services.

  • How to choose an agency?

    Without a doubt you need someone that can sell, has integrity and credibility.

    So how do you choose these attributes as it can be confusing when you interview a prospective agency/ agent to sell your property?

    One thing for sure is not to choose an agent that talks mainly about themselves or their agency. After all it’s about you and your property and that’s where to conversation should mainly be focused. They should also focus on their selling strategy. For example how will they sell, and why will they sell it that way.

    Be careful of agents that tell you how much they sold over their listing price, that means they listed it too cheap. Likewise be careful of those agents that tell you your home is worth much more than what it should be, this will lead to pain.

    At McBeath Real Estate we know this market better than anyone. We have been buying and selling property in your area for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on integrity and credibility and we can sell.

    So give us a call to find how we can help you.

  • How to find the value of my property?

    We all want the best price for our home. We all think our home is better than what else is available. But pause a moment and take a step back and consider this. Having a too high a price on your home will discourage buyers from making an offer, and your property could sit for months and some cases years, which isn’t your goal.

    Ultimately you have two ways to go about the sale of your property;

    A) Either you want to obtain the highest price possible irrespective of current market value and not budge until you do. And if you wait long enough you may obtain your price but if it goes against current market value you will have to wait. No matter how good an agent nor how much they say otherwise, no one can force or change this as it is a basic sales fundamental.

    B) The other option is to carefully consider a price recommend based on a detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which will analyse all recent sales closely matching to your property in your local neighbourhood. We can provide you a comparative market analysis which takes into consideration current sales in your neighbourhood. This is a critical point to understand as when a buyer is actively looking they would have seen these sales as they came onto the market then eventually sell. So you cannot ignore recent historical sales as it has a major impact on the value perception of the buyer. This is has nothing to do with a Valuation carried out by a licensed Valuer, which may have your house at a higher or lower price than current market value as a CMA (comparative market analysis) will show. So don’t ignore a CMA.

    Keep in mind that even if you’ve made major and expensive improvements to your home, you may not get your money back if you’re the only home on the block with such upgrades.

    If comparable kitchens in the neighbourhood don’t have similar upgrades, buyers aren’t expecting fancy perks in yours and may not be willing to pay you for the difference.

  • When to sell?

    The time to sell is a personal decision and should never be based in when you think the market is hot. Many people think spring is the best time, however it also means there many more people selling at the same time, leading to more competition and choices for buyers – this extra competition can also lead to price reductions. Often times that are not as popular can mean a quicker sale at a higher sale price due to less competition.

    If the current market value of property is low, you may get less for your house than you hoped, but you’ll probably pay less for the house you intend to buy – and vice versa when prices are high.

    Don’t wait until the last minute to decide to sell your property, allow at least a month of lead time. This will give us adequate time to research comparable homes and set a good price, then book the best professional photographer and co-ordinate a time to photograph your house on a day the sun is out. Also there’s lots to do for you to ensure your property is ready to sell in its best presentation possible.

  • How do I get the best price?

    There are essential ingredients that affect the final sales price.

    These include, but are not limited to:

    Property presentation – means the more desirable your property appears, the better your sale price is likely to be. Property presentation is how it looks from the street front, to the inside, out to the back yard. If buyers walk through your property and spot things that need immediate repair, they’re going to wonder how well you’ve maintained the things that they can’t see. Loose hand rails, sagging screen door or that wobbly door knob? Fix them. Clear your gutters, patch holes in your walls and address dripping faucets, de-clutter and clean everywhere, mow the lawn, pull out weeds, etc. You don’t need to pay for expensive staging, just do these basics. Try seeing things from a buyer’s perspective and walk through your property pretending that you’re seeing it for the first time. What things have you always meant to fix? Now is the time. Spend a few weekends dealing with all of those niggling projects to get your property in the best shape possible, it will pay off big time. Also having your agent cast an eye over your home can help in advice on what you’ll need to change to make it marketable.

    Don’t become emotionally involved, start to think about your house as a commodity and not an extension of your identity. If buyers don’t love it, it’s not a personal insult. It’s simply a deal that didn’t work out. Yes, it’s your house. Yes, you sweated blood and tears to get it just the way you wanted it. But, no, that does not make it perfect for someone else, particularly when you’ve made some unique decorating decisions. You want the space to look as neutral as possible, so buyers can envision themselves in the space. So even if those walls you painted in the bedroom look knock-out great with your bedroom furnishings, they probably won’t match anyone else’s things. Let go of the features you love, and make it a house most people could love—and that might mean painting all of the walls a soft, neutral colour. A buyer’s perception of your property is their reality, and you can’t change that.

    It’s possible to get nearly all the way of clinching a sale, only for it to fall over at the end over a minor detail. You don’t want to be the seller who sacrifices the sale because a buyer requests that you leave a garden ornament that you may not have wanted to part with, but only cost you $50 at Bunnings. To be safe, if there are things you’re feeling like you can’t live without, such as a light fixture you discovered at an antiques store, replace them with something else before you show the house.

    Effective marketing – methods are not just methods that benefit the agent or agency. Don’t believe the hype and myriad of manipulated stats presented to you as proof you should use a method of marketing. If sounds like a duck then it most likely is. Just use your common sense when evaluating. Please don’t think that all you have to do is take one photo of the house, stick a “For Sale” sign in your yard and buyers will come pouring in the door. That would be a mistake. The only way to guarantee that you’re going to get the highest price for the house is to use all of the marketing options available to you. This means Internet advertising because it has the widest possible reach. In fact 88% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to search for property, so online is a very important part of your advertising schedule.

    And at the end of the day the more people who see your house, the better your chances are of selling it. As you know we are in an age when buyers start their searches online, counting on drive-bys and word of mouth isn’t going to cut it anymore.