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Our local Real Estate Agents are experts in Carina property.

Only nine kilometres from Brisbane city, Carina is perfectly located to take advantage of the surrounding area’s many features. One of the most popular spots in Carina is the Clem Jones Sports Centre, which encompasses swimming pools, gym, basketball court and a full range of sport and fitness facilities. Statistically, Carina’s households are comprised of 41% couple with children, while 78% of homes are standalone houses with townhouses and units at 18%. The houses in the area are mainly post-war weatherboard, with a selection of older Queenslanders with large, sweeping verandas.

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8 out of 10 sellers who understand what we offer list with us! The other 2 still think a particular brand or agent will get them a better price.

Our unparalleled marketing system includes;

checkbullet NO advertising costs,
checkbullet NO For Sale signs,
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With this system we sell hundreds of properties each year and 98% of them sell off market/ privately!

Like we said, 8 out of 10 sellers who understand what we offer list with us, why wouldn’t you. YES we are fully licensed, you get the best commission rate, we sell discreetly with no for sale signs, no internet ads, no intrusive open homes, no auctions, no advertising costs. And if you are at all unhappy, you can terminate our services immediately.

So how do we do this?

Here is our secret. Since 2001 we have owned and operated a nationwide database prospecting company. Within that time we have developed and collected a massive database of buyers at all market levels from company directors, overseas investors, to mums and dads. As a result of our massive database, all the properties we sell are sold first to our buyer’s database.

We don’t just claim to have a buyers database, we claim to have the BEST and most comprehensive buyers database in Australia!

This is why you will rarely if ever see a For Sale sign anywhere nor see us appear on advertising websites such as or; saving our customer’s time and costly advertising. We don’t simply waste money if we don’t have to. We have a team of 20 people who just work day in day out sifting, collating and updating this database. It’s simply is the best database in Australia, no one agent or agency can match it. And NO we don’t share this database with other agencies.

Comprehensive database marketing is the future of real estate.

If a property is priced correctly it will get sold off market to our database, and generally within 2 weeks. And this is all done discreetly.

AND if we don’t have a result our customers are 100% happy with after 2 weeks, our customers can terminate our services without having spent one cent with no further obligation.

No other agency can match what we offer

Only branded agencies can achieve higher sales prices?FalseMost independent agencies have staff that are the best of the best and don't need to be part of a large brand.
Only branded agencies can achieve quicker sales?FalseAgain, most independent agencies have staff that are best of the best and don't need to be part of a large brand.
Only branded agencies have most experienced Staff?FalseThere are more independent agencies in Australia than big branded agencies. And most outperform the large brands. And there are more "rookies" that are part of larger brands.
Only branded agencies have access to resources such as massive buyer databases?FalseWe have access to over 50,000 buyers in Australia and overseas. Furthermore we have names, numbers of the top 500 wealthiest people in Australia.
Only branded agencies have the most cost effective marketing prices?FalseWe have negotiated the exact same rates and marketing packages.
Only branded agencies will have the highest commission fees?TrueYes that is true, as they have to recoup higher cost office space and franchise fees.
Independent agencies are growing fastest?TrueThis is true. Big brands are not growing as fast as independents.
Independent agencies can be more flexible with their offering?TrueThis is True. Many bigger brands are restricted by how they operate and cannot offer customised solutions as an independent.