Real Estate Estate Agents Brisbane

We’re a boutique Brisbane Real Estate agency


Our Real Estate agents have lived in Brisbane all their life. They are truly local Brisbane property experts and know how to achieve the absolute best sales price.

So why are we any different?

For a start we promise not to treat you like another number. However more importantly we have a maximum property per agent policy whereby our agents have a cap on how many listings each agent will manage. You will find most other agencies don’t have any such policy and their agents will keep taking on new listings regardless of how many they have. They cannot hope to manage your properly effectively with too many listings and end up either doing a poor job or have someone else represent them at your open home which raises another issue. Aren’t you expecting your listing agent to be the one selling your home? After all they were the one selling themselves and their ability.

Consider our independent boutique agency, you will receive a better service without the egos. And after all buyers don’t care which agency sells them their dream property.